Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The TV tease

 I saw this really melodramatic serial on StarPlus called "Pratigya" which was shamelessly promoting ruffianism, gundagiri and eve teasing. The male protagonist of the soap follows the female lead, declares love for her, breaks up her upcoming marriage and basically does everything that an eve teaser may do. And by showing all this the serial is portraying eve teasing as "the thing to do" . It has so easily legitimised this social "evil".

What was the writer thinking? And how could such a respected channel portray such degradation of woman in today's times? When the society is taking baby steps of change to give woman the respect they deserve such regressive soaps certainly do not help change mindsets.

The protagonist runs away to another town to get rid of the guy, and ultimately decides to marry him! This is not how things work. This is not the way to deal with eve teasers! We girls have faced such behavior atleast once. Even if we haven't, we are scared of the occurrence! Unfortunate but true. We should all know how to deal with this problem. There are techniques, you know! Instead of showing people such regressive material the soap could have shown the girl next door how to cope. Running away is NOT the solution!

Men forget that they have sisters, wives and daughters at home. And even they don't have one of those, they all have mothers!

Ruffians will always be ruffians. "The bad boy turned good" syndrome is only true to Hindi movies. Awareness of this fact is important. We all should know that there is a way out and soaps like the one I talked about are certainly not portraying the right way. I want to end this "eve teasing promotion". And I want your help. Do share your feelings on this forum

All woman invited to comment. Complain. Act. React.