Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yummy cuteness in a mug

Today I baked a cake.
 In under 5 minutes. 
In a mug. 
In my microwave. 
I used one of those Internet recipes. 

To my surprise it turned out to be delicious. I had expected it to be less than mediocre. I know that many people have always known the joys  of microwave cooking but for me this was a novel discovery. I have always been apprehensive of cooking things in the micro, always dismissing it as   something people who can't cook or are too lazy do. I mean, it's a quick fix. The cake was easy and hassle free. 

I would have clicked a pic if I wasn't busy gobbling it up

And I was wrong. Sometimes, even people who enjoy cooking don't want to spend hours in the kitchen(Not that I am implying that I spent all my time in the kitchen. I don't) So it's not laziness. Okay, maybe sometimes it is laziness. And tremendous hunger. And less time. Whatever the reason be, the food turns out  to be great. For me it won't replace conventional cooking methods but once in a while it could be fun.

I tried it today because I came across an article listing things that can be made in a mug. I love lists. Mugs are pretty good too. And the pictures looked great. I wanted to try it. It would take only 5 minutes of my time. And the instructions were easy. So I made a cake. And it turned out great. Then I got excited. This was a great quick fix. When you're craving cake and don't want a store bought one and certainly don't want to spend an hour, measuring, beating, greasing, baking, de-moulding; this is the thing to do. Find a recipe you like. (There are plenty online). I added my own variations to the one I found by the way. And it was egg less. Just imagine: A dessert for one in a mug. Ready in 5 minutes. I saw the time. The actual cooking took only 3 minutes. Prep time was two.

After I made and ate the cake I found a french toast recipe. Ya, french toast in a mug. How cute is that? I got back to work but at around four when my sister came home I made french toast. In the micro. In a cute little mug. With very less fat. And it was yum. 

I tried an omelet too. My own recipe. Nice and fluffy.

So I am pretty excited now. I am going to try countless  microwave recipes. I plan to make a nutella cake soon. And this time I will remember to take pictures. So that I can show off on facebook.

P.S : I have never blogged about food but this is my second post in a row about food. What has gotten into me? 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Burnt expectatons

It happens to all of us. We try to do something new in the kitchen with loads of grand expectations. And then we fail. Something goes wrong, so wrong that we start doubting our abilities.

In  some cases you can still re-use the what you think "inedible mess". It's like resurrection. And it takes a lot of creativity. And guts. If you don't try something with it, it will anyway go into a dustbin so you might as well as try to make it edible.

So what do you do when you decide to make chocolate at home and end up burning it? You DON'T throw it. That's sacrilege. And cruel.

Chocolate does get burnt you know? You are always supposed to and I repeat always supposed to melt chocolate slabs on a double boiler. Do not ever take a short cut and put in in the microwave or even worse the stove! If you think of doing that then you should just buy yourself chocolate and not try to make it. Remember making chocolate requires patience. It's not something you do in a hurry.
You don't want this to happen to your chocolate

So back to what I was talking about-how to redeem burnt chocolate. Here are the few different ways

1. Mash it with a spoon and spread it on a biscuit. Then put another biscuit on top to make a biscuit sandwich. 

2. Mash the chocolate and mix it with a plain sponge cake crumbs. You now have a mixture of sponge and chocolate. Make sure you mix it well. Spread this mixture in a glass bowl and a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. I promise you, it will taste yum. 

3. Let it harden and then crush it into very small pieces of nougat like consistency. You can use this chocolate "nougat" to sprinkle on top of ice cream or mousse or any frozen dessert. In fact, why just frozen desserts? Try your own combinations. 

4. Whatever you do, do not re-heat the burnt chocolate. This will spoil it further and you won't be able to do anything about it. 

Were these tips useful? I guess you will only find out if you ever burn chocolate. I hope that you never do.

Anyway, I was experimenting with chocolate today and here's what I made

Quite pretty, I think

What do you think? :P