Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Khushi, lights, pollution

I don't do anything systematically. Not even pouring oil into diyas. I just pour it randomly and see which one I have missed. I am weird.

I didn't make a rangoli this year, for Diwali. We didn't light up our home with colourful electrical lights. Neither are we bursting crackers. No, we are not mourning. We are just lazy and environment friendly. And maybe a bit lame for not celebrating Diwali properly.

Anyway. The point is. Happy Diwali. Etc etc. May this Diwali bring prosperity in your lives. Just go read facebook status updates for joyous greetings. Don't make me type all this.

P.S: Please make sure you don't call woman "bomb", "pataka", "fuljhari". She has a name, call her by that name. And if you don't know it, you have no need to call her. Period.