Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jeane at it again

Jeane was sitting comfortably in her bedroom, humming her little tune, when she thought of something. Do people base their own opinion on other peoples views? Are we dependent on others for our perspective?  Are we scared to take out our view from  dusty cupboard because it may be rejected? Do we care so much about what others think. If others hate magenta coloured thoughts and we love it, we agree that magenta thoughts are absolutely horrid. I mean our we scarred of ourselves. Maybe magenta is a genius thought. Newton and all other people who discovered stuff were not scared of colouring their world different. People don't always have to agree.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gimme a gimmick

I have been noticing something not that extraordinary in our big bad world, that most of it's areas are filled with gimmicks. We are all selling ourselves in the name of these G-things(now don't take this in any other sense).

Scene 1. Shopping male: sale 50 % off. Look at the price! 50 % off on 10 grand? Gimme another gimmick. 

Scene 2: What about those food products? Adjectives used are new/fresh/nutritious. Can you think of some more?

Scene 3: How can I miss out on our stars? Oh gawd...these are the ups at the time of release,  haircuts to promote movies....

And we lap it all up!

We all take it in with more than a pinch of salt. We spent our sometimes- hard -earned -money on gimmicks.Even when we are smart enough to recognise them. We humans ready to believe whatever is convenient for us. And if our favourite star is endorsing it  we are all for it.

Philosophically speaking, ( or is it spiritually?) this life itself seems a gimmick. There is this theory that this world we live in is a poor copy of an ideal world which exists somewhere. Weird in an escapist sort of way, but I am ready to believe it.

Come to think of it, so what if everything is a gimmick? It isn't affecting us in any way and we haven't seen any other way. So be it.