Wednesday, September 30, 2009

three days

These days three days are devoted to Puja Visharjan....dashami and the two days after. Somehow I find the visharjan part very creepy. Seeing truckloads of idols at night is not my idea of fun. Not because the roads are blocked. Because ma seems to have lost all her splendour. I mean when we see the idols in the pandals the feeling is completely different. and then seeing straw coming out from Ma Durga's back is big time creepy. I cant imagine myself sharing a truck with the life size idols. And the dancing frenzy accompanied by the dhak is creepier....damn scary ... don't know if its meant to be.

One thing which was different in this year's Visharjan was that roads were being cleared for cars to pass. A scene never seen before. BB and Didi gearing up for 2011?

There are some questions better left unanswered. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The day I saw a gorilla on the stairs.

I was about five or six when the gorilla visited our building. You saw it right. A gorilla.

My father used to drop me off from school. I used to run up to our 3rd floor flat and papa used to wait downstairs till I reached the house and waved from the verendah. Then he used to go back to his shop.

One day as usual he waited downstairs while i ran up the stairs. I hadn't even reached the 1st floor I saw a big black hairy pair of legs. A Gorilla!
I ran down the stairs calling out to papa " There's a gorilla in our staircase, gorilla papa" I screamed with all my might.

Dad came up with me to investigate.

Ultimately I realised that it was a workman that I saw and not a gorilla(no offence meant to anyone but I was a kid!)

That's my gorilla story.There are others involving dogs,bats and a bull. Some other time. 

a crappy introduction

Yeah the first post is always difficult, the baby steps you know. I like to start with memories but I need to explain why I named my blog pigeonheadophobia not because it matters but because  I like to explain things. 

In simple words "pigeonhead" is someone with a very small brain and the phrase is used as an insult. Sometimes some situations have a sort of pigeonheaded essence in them. Sometimes people are pigeonheads. Sometimes I act like one.

Nothing wrong in pigeonheadedness. 

Basically really like this weird meaning less word. No other reason. 

That's all with the explaining I suppose.