The memory bank

I have always loved memories. I rely on them to write. I like the past as much as I like the present.

So what? Well, I am also a curious person and love to listen  to people talk about their memories. So I came up with this project. 

It's simple. You just have to share your memories with me

Your first kiss. Your first date.
Your first ciggy.Your first drink.
Your first stumble.
Memories of childhood songs.
Memories of your mom. Of your dad. 
Your cat. Your dog.

Your bicycle ride. Football in the rain. 
Scoring highest in geography. Failing in maths.
Admission in your favourite college. 
Graduating from college.
Saying goodbye to school friends.
The school reunion.

Of Highs. And lows

Of love and hate.

Of blogging. Of reading. 

Of life. 

Share your memories at

Mention your name and location. Your memories will be shared on this blog under the tag The Memory Bank with your name mentioned in the said blog post. If you do not want your story to be published here, do mention it. If you do want to share your memory on PIgeonheadophobia but want to do so anonymously, do say so. 

P.S: If you know me, you could also share your memories of time spent with me.