Monday, December 9, 2013

Dropping your smartphone too many times is hazardous to health

So my phone conked off today. And I realised that the phrase-" I can't live without my phone" applies to me too! I depend on my phone, a lot. For people so used to smartphones and internet access on their fingertips, living without a phone for a day or two is next to impossible. I am trying and trying but it's increasingly difficult.

Day 1

5.15 am. The reason I can wake up at 6 am is my multiple alarms. One at 5.15, one at 5.40 and another at 6. I will have to set multiple alarms on the feature phone I am using. I guess this is not a major problem

6.30 am. I track my exercising routine on my Endomondo app. No phone, no app.

I don't wear a watch and use my phone to see the time.

7. am I check my whatsapp. Send a quick hi to A. That can't be done today.
9. am I want to make a note of something on my phone memo but I cant.
9.30 am. A quick google search to verify news about Nelson Mandela's death is also not possible. I have to wait till I switch on my laptop, but then I will be caught up with work.

10. am One of my friends is very ill, I want to be updated about his condition. And all my numbers are saved on my phone. So now I can't contact anyone. I am worrying about him.

11 am. I  give a status about it, asking for help. I also do a google search. Many threads have suggestions but none of them work.

12. 15 pm I give up on my phone. It's sort of liberating.

1pm. Mom wants to whatsapp me but can't. No phone checking, no notifications.

2 pm.Someone wanted to talk to me and had to call my mom. I run a business and can't afford to be un-contactable.

3 pm. I am wondering how to contact people I urgently need to . I try reviving my phone again. It doesn't work.

5.20 pm. I find a spare set and put my sim in.

9. pm I want to do a quick search for a recipe but well I cant! This is really difficult!, No phone, no music. 

Day 2

10 am. Gave my phone for repairs.
7pm Repair guy says he wasn't able to do anything. (Is it time for a new phone?)

Day 3


Day 4.

Gave my phone for repairs at a different place. Using a Nokia feature phone. My first phone.  It's been little less than 2 years but I am so used a smartphone, that I am feeling lost without it. I so want a smartphone(mine or a new one) within this week. I am not some vagrant or sanyasi!

*fingers crossed*