Sunday, June 24, 2012

Proposals, sunsigns and all that

For some reason a lot of Leons have proposed to me. And I don’t really like Leon men. I do not believe in horoscopes  but I am a big Linda Goodman fan. I think the sort of language she uses makes it really fun to read.

No offence meant to all the guys who “fell in love” with me but most have been Leons. I remember my 1st proposal. I was 15. And even though I was not naive and innocent I was not at all interested in dating. And he out of the blue came and proposed. It came as a shock. Specially beacause I was crushing on his friend and was expecting him to play cupid or atleast messenger. And he bloody proposed. I was SO annoyed.

I don’t get along with Leons coz I can’t stand people who have a big ego. I can’t be a follower and Leons expect followers. 

I don't like being told "I love you" by people I hardly know. Many people love it. They revel in the glory of so many people falling in love with them. I don't. It annoys me. I feel that people can't fall in love so randomly.  How can you love a person you hardly know? Falling in love with a pretty face is quite shallow. If someone tells me "Oh  you look so beautiful, I love you" it will piss me off. What if my face gets burned? Will you love me even then? I don't think so. ( I use the burn analogy because I have been severely burnt once and I could have had scars on my face.) 

I am vain enough to feel good when someone says I am pretty but that should not be the primary reason you fell in love with me.

Love takes time. It's like brewing tea. When I asked N(another Leon) why he proposed and what he saw in me. He said "Oh you are so sweet and simple." Meet me when I am in a bad mood and then tell me how sweet I am. Fall in love with my personality not my face. 

I don't know. That's my opinion. To each her own. It suits me to think that love takes time. And that random proposals are pathetic. 

Am I supposed to write about my experiences in a new city? I will I think. Someday later. Maybe. Meanwhile I am thinking of something else. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New in town

Calcutta is my hometown. And the place I have lived in for ages. But now I am in  Mumbai for a year. I am pretty excited and I think I am gonna like it here. I like the weather already! It is certainly better than the sticky humidity of the City of Joy. (Not very joyful right now) 

So here I am in Mumbai. The Big M. New in town. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nothing to do with today

Come to think of it I don't get the idea of an after life or past lives. On one hand I am  curious about who I was in my past life. ( If I did have a past life) On the other hand I don't like the concept of being good or doing good deeds for a better after life.

My grandma talks about this a lot. "Ache karam" it's called. I would rather be doing good deeds, following my own value system and code of conduct because I WANT to and  NOT because I want to generate some good karma. 

I am interested in my past life for the sake of curiosity. (Have written about my curiosity here) I don't much care about what happens after I die. Do I peer down to see what's going on? What's the use of dying then? I think when one dies earthly stuff ceases to matter. 

Today my grandma said and I quote her.

"So many of my slippers have been stolen at the mandir. I am paying for my past misdeeds. I must have been a thief in my previous life. "

No offence meant to her but I found it  rather dumb.  Slippers get stolen because that's the law. That's how it is. How does someone's past life come in here?

If I start blaming everything that happens to me on my past life or if I keep on thinking of my future lives I'll completely lose it. How the hell will I live my (current) life then? 

It bugs me when my Grandma makes past life references. I asked her how it mattered  if most of us don't even remember our past lives. She hasn't answered yet. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fictional guys I totally dig

Of all the guys I have had crushes on, most have been fictional people. Here's a list of guys from books I totally love. 

1. Fitzwilliam Darcy (Pride and Prejudice): Have you read Pride and Prejudice as a 13 year old? Darcy is such a snob and Oh-so-annoying. But that's what makes him so drool worthy.  I dreamt about guys like Darcy. The hate-like-friendship-love pattern is quite cliche but it works! I wouldn't fall for such guys in real life and that's what makes Darcy so special. 

2. Ron Weasley (Harry Potter): He is the guy next door. Clueless. With typical guy habits. He can be annoying, insensitive, messy, jealous. He transforms from an eleven year old cute kid to a tall hunky fellow. I love him . I do. 

3. Michael Flynn Hennessey (Key of light): He made me want to fall in love. Easy going on the surface but quite shrewd ( in a good way) And  he is witty! He can squat down on the floor, wolf down a pizza AND successfully run a newspaper. Fun to be with and unpredictable, who wouldn't want to wooed by a Flynn? 

4. Sirius Black (Harry Potter): The adorable bad guy. Reckless practical joker. Very loyal to his friends. To die for! And the best part is he is not paired with anybody. Atleast he is single if not available. ( I will ignore the fact that he is dead *sniff*)

I have a very big grin on my face right now. Not exactly a grin, a "I am thinking about a guy I like" smile. I feel like giggling the teenagery sort of giggle. I don't have butterflies in my stomach but I wish I did. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Your definitions do not define me

If you ask me my name I will say it's Anjee

If you ask me who I am I will say I am human.

If you ask me my nationality I will say I am Indian. 

If you ask me my sex I will say I have female genitals. 

If you ask me my gender I will say I am female. 

If you ask me my sexual orientation I will say I am bisexual

I did not ask to get labelled. Your labels do not make me who I am. Label or not I decide who I am. 

Your preconceived notions do not define me. They do not make me who I am. Who I am is decided by me and me alone.  

P.S I recently participated in  Slutwalk Kolkata, held on 24th May. Though labeling is not the core issue that Slutwalk is dealing with it's something I have been thinking about a lot after the walk. To know more about how the Slutwalk originated you can check out this Wikipedia article.

You could also check out the facebook group Slutwalk Kolkata and the page.