Monday, March 8, 2010

Thoughts just come to Jeane

Jeane was sitting quite comfortably in the verandah, humming her little tune when a thought struck her. She realised that Siddhartha had not just left behind his worldly palace and luxuries to pursue enlightenment and ultimately become The Buddha. He had also left behind his wife and child. 

So what if he hadn't become The Buddha? He would be another ascetic who shrugged of his responsibilities. What if he hadn't left? Well, someone else would have created Buddhism or any other "ism" for all of us(or some of us) Some bachelor perhaps who had no responsibility but his own.

He was a prince so I guess his child would have been brought up well, his wife looked after.

What about other mortals who are the only roti winners of the family and who leave everything behind to catch up with enlightenment?  What good will this enlightenment do to wives with zero income who need to feed children?

Jeane wonders.

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  1. sometimes Whatever u want to say goes like a rocket above my head!!!