Friday, July 16, 2010

Strands lost

I was aghast a few days back when I pulled out my rubber-band to free my ponytail. At least 8 strands of hair had come off with it. 8 strands! I had just lost so much hair the day before when I shampooed. I sat up from the bed and saw some more strands on the pillow! No, I am not going for chemotherapy. This sudden loss of hair is suffered by one and all during monsoon. But it gets scary sometimes. Especially if you find hair here, there, everywhere. So I got a little agitated and started my own survey. I got up from the bed and located my mom’s hairbrush and saw a whole layer of hair. (Almost a layer) Then I went and interviewed the maids and they too described their horror stories of tremendous hair loss. I recalled my friend’s comments about losing more hair than she could handle.

Hair loss is more normal than the shampoo brands make it out to be. Switch on the TV, every brand claims that if you lose more than one strand of hair you are permanently doomed to be bald very, very soon. That’s why most of us are constantly jumping from one shampoo to another in the hope s of losing less hair.

Basically after 15 minutes of researching this problem I got bored and thought- “what the heck; hair today, certainly not gone tomorrow. Actually I also realized that few of the strands I saw on the pillow were smaller than mine, they were my mother’s. I admit I was relieved to know that I am losing a few strands less


  1. Dont know what to comment... hehe

  2. well i want to guys have the same problem?

  3. Anonymous27 July, 2010


    The ending is just perfect!