Sunday, March 4, 2012


The muse has been visiting often these days. Writing wise I am on a new high. I wish I had the guts to share my fiction on this blog. 

I am not a blogger who aspires to write. Or a girl with a blog who has a huge fan base that convinces her to write a book. Because, she is good enough.

I am a yet to be published writer who blogs. 

I don't need people to tell me to write. 

I write. It's something I did ever since I was twelve. It started with school essays that were read out in class. Then came poetry. 

                            "Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason."


I started creating fictional people much before I started penning down my words. When I was in Kindergarden I invented a fictional sister. My class teacher asked my parents about her. They denied having another offspring. 

Even when I was in 2nd standard I had told one of my classmates about a sister who had been away for a long time and who had suddenly come back home. I kept on this act for months, regaling the antics of my long-lost sister. Her disappearance was as sudden as her arrival. 

(She appeared again in Jan 1999, but that is another story) 

Writing was my anchor. The only thing I thought I was good at. ( By now I know what else I am good at) It pulled  me through tough times. 

I write when I have to. When pen and paper pulls me. ( The memo feature in my phone comes in handy when pens are not available.)

These days I am more disciplined. I am on a deadline, you see. Self created. 

If I close my eyes and imagine my life without writing, I get a sinking feeling. If for some reason I have to stop writing I may survive, I will not live. 

This is why I write. This is why I am. 


  1. well... this is by far the BEST post i have read of yours... honestly... no offence to ur other posts which might feel left out :P...

  2. you don't need people to tell you to write. But I still will. Praise helps - you acknowledge it or not, it does. Good one :)