Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cross your fingers and wish on a black car

I smile whenever I see a mail van. When I was a kid wishing on mail vans was very popular. When you spot a mail van you make a wish and cross your fingers. You can only uncross your fingers when you see a black car. This is how your wish will come true. All my adolescent and teenage years I have done this. I remember one day I had seen a mail van on the way to school and crossed the  fingers of my left hand. I didn't open them the whole day because I hadn't seen a black car. In the evening I saw another mail van so crossed  the fingers of the other hand too. And then waited on the road across my place for a mail van.

So whenever I see I mail van I feel like wishing for something. And then I smile. They remind me of the time I was allowed to be silly and stupid. Not that I am not silly or stupid now, but I am not supposed to be.

Remember wishing on your eyelash? The stray ones that would sometimes fall on your face? We used to call it wish hair. Even today, whenever I see a stray eyelash on someone's face, I urge them to wish.

So what did you wish on as a kid? And what is it that you wished for? I am curious. 

I think the next time  I see a mail van  I will wish for more time to blog. 


  1. I used to do the same thing.. (still do sometimes).. today i thought i'd do a google search on it and see if it hit anything, and voila! nice read.. thanks!

    1. I am glad you came across my blog. Have been irregular. But now I am back. I hope you drop in again.