Sunday, February 17, 2013

My own commandments

Most of the commandments are for me. You may relate with some of them. I am not trying to be preachy, though I may sound like it. Fair warning. 

#1  Thou shall not feel stupid if thou is clumsy

Thou art not the only one. Some people are clumsy. Some people trip over stuff. Some people bump themselves several times a day. It's okay to be a klutz. You will have days when things will not fall. When you will not accidentally cut yourself while you absently played with scissors. Feel blessed. 

#2Thou shall not feel guilty for spending many hours just social networking

Thou shall happily go on social networking if someone enters the room and not open a new tab and pretend to be working. Thou are allowed to do whatever you want on the net. 

#3Thou shall not feel judged if thou read trashy novels.

thou can easily quote from the works of your favourite authors. Thou has a book list thou ticks off. Thou shall happily read trashy novels where people fall in love. Thou shall feel happy that thou can read anything. Even Fifty shades of Grey. Thou did attempt.

#4 Thou shall not be scared to admit that thou sucks at something

It is not necessary to be good at everything you do. When feeling low, thou shall think  of all the things thou art good at. And thou shall feel proud. 

#5 Thou shall not feel bad about being a sentimental fool

Thou shall never change that about thyself. Thou art emotional. Thou shall cry at the sad part in books. Thou shall shed tears at touch scenes at the movies. Thou shall be hurt at stupid stuff. Thou shall get over it.

#6 Thou shall not feel less important if thou has chosen a career that requires you to work from home

Thou career will still remain a career. Thou loves that career. Thou will work hard at it. Thou will earn money. Thou will be happy. Thou shall not forget that. 

#7 Thou shall not feel less intelligent if thou art not proficient in maths and science.

Thou art intelligent. Thou just don't get numbers. There are things the number getter's don't get. Thou shall be happily non-maths friendly. 

#8 Thou shall not have body weight, body type, body shape and height issues.

Thy height does not matter. Though weight matters only if thou has health troubles. Thou shall accept thy figure, Thou does not need to follow popular stereotypes of how thou should be. Thou art above that

# Thou shall not fret about thy flaws
 While thou has flaws, thou art the only one. Even super humans have flaws. It is not a crime. Thou shall accept your flaws and if thou wants  thou shall try to work around them. But thou shall not cry about them and complain about them

#10Thou shall be proud of being thyself

Thou art who thou art and thou shall accept thyself. Thou shall not feel pressurised to be someone thou art not. 

Thou shall now smile and pat thyself on thy back. Because thou art inspired.

Inspirational speech over. Thank you *Takes a bow*


  1. This was awesome! I haven't blogged in a while myself. Felt good to see a fellow blogger doing it so well :)

    1. Even I blogged after ages. Been so damn busy with other stuff, Anyway, here I am. Back to where I belong.