Friday, October 23, 2009

Cant find no words

These days people seem to have a problem with the way Gen Now speaks. They seem to find our language irritating. Recently there was an article in a leading newspaper which listed words used by us that annoy. From when did saying "awesome" become so damn annoying? We don't seem to have a problem with anyone's lingo! And whatever happened to freedom of speech?

Phrases like "take care", "whatever and "chill" seem to prick people somewhere.

Staying at home gets to be a problem coz a check over the language is a big issue. Let alone the f word and other four letter utterances, something like saying 'cool' is also looked down upon. I , like many others have substituted the f word with fish, which isn't offensive in any way.

I don't have a problem with not being able to utter offensives. I have a problem with people having problems even if we use words which make life easier. Like when we don't use vowels in SMS, we not only save characters, but also time. And come on.How much can we type with our thumb?!

I am not saying we be allowed to use it in exams or anything, there will be a practical problem in that. A "dnt' can be interpreted as ' dont' or 'didnt'. I write hs for both 'his' and 'house'. It all depends on the context. Ofcourse when am messaging my mom I try to put in the vowels also!!!

The older generations should just let us be! Let us use the language we want to. Let us say "anyways" instead of anyway. let us say our "cool" and our "chill" and our "whatever". The english language has only evolved over the ages because changes were brought in and accepted. Accept these changes too coz " nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could..."


  1. i totally agree with u on this matter anjee baby!!!! :) :) :)!!!! ABSOLUTELY NICELY PUT DOWN IN WORDS....