Thursday, October 1, 2009

baah baah!!!

Crying on TV is so damn cheap. Gawd!!!I have enough people crying their hearts out around me to care a fig about some pseudo celeb cry her eyes out on the idiot box. When I see people crying on national television my mouth forms a big fat "duh". But ofcourse the prize for crying the most on TV goes to Miss Bharatiya Nari Rkhi Sawant! ( BTW her latest is a show which involves babies! Sadists!)
By now the world and his wife know all about publicity stunts
Mandira Bedi crying
rupali Ganguly shedding tears
And then thre are the soaps
Anandi crying (not again)
Ridhima crying
enough right?
Wrong. We are sadists. We love to see people cry. Its pathetic actually but cant be helped.

But honestly do give us something happier. We are saddled with so miuch sorrow anyway.
Not good huh?
Big blobs of tears generate bucket loads of TRPs. Why? coz we love tears. None of us say
"Jaani, I hate tears"
So there, "cry baby cry tujhe paisa milega"
Rote Raho.


  1. yaar one thing - u guys are so versatile and diverse in writing a blog! when i start to even think of writing a blog i cant fetch enuf stuffs to write about!!! and something like this is not even in my wildest nightmares!!! i just wanna pray u yaar! seriously! teach me at least ur toenail, and i will be blessed!!!

  2. oh man thnx 4 the compliment...but what ur saying is not ur blog

  3. Thanxx to u too Anjee baby!!! ;) but LOL?? was my blog that funny????? :P