Monday, November 8, 2010

The question of confused identities/lets call it discovering myself

As a savior of sorts Tarzan has always been liked by me. Maybe he didn’t save the world but he did save the jungle. And playing Tarzan in pretend games was one of my favourite pastimes as a child. I got to save imaginary animals from imaginary danger. And I loved being Tarzan. Ofcourse, in my game Tarzan was a girl.

Another favourite was red riding hood. Come to think of it she was liked because it was convenient. I didn't have glass slippers or a pumpkin but I did have a red jacket with a hood AND a basket. I could play red riding hood easily. And she sure did something brave. She faced the wolf and almost fought him. Cinderella didn’t have to do much to acquire a prince (charming isn't it?) Her godmother ( who coincidentally knew magic) did everything.

I didn't much like any other character. I never believed in Rapunzel as I knew hair could never be used as a rope however much one used Dove damage control or Pantene ( By the way did she try any of these?)

One thing I was sure of. These ladies always got a good looking, rich prince at the very end. (I wonder where my prince is, he doesn’t have to be rich) And almost always they are damsels in distress. Anyway as usual I am deviating.

Apart from trying out the professions of a teacher, postman, doctor and red riding hood I tried being a witch and enjoyed it. I spent hours brewing potions from talcum powder and other stuff and spoiling many of my mom’s lipsticks in the process. Yes, being a witch was fun.

Then again I have also been Alice (of wonderland), a detective, a cook and have dressed and redressed Barbies while weaving countless stories.

I loved playing alone. Well, why not when no one could defy me? As a then only child I had no other choice. Growing up in the 90s I had no option of videogames, cable TV or internet. My sister on the other hand never learnt to play alone. She was always Ishita. Never a detective or a teacher or a postman.

And now I am playing a writer and it’s the best I have ever played.

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