Friday, December 31, 2010

What I hated about 2010

Its the last day of the year. 2010 personally was a good year for me. Tommorow a new year begins. its just another saterday. Mornings will still be the same. The sun will shine in the same way it had today. Nights will still be dark. Yet it will be a new year. But we Indians celebrate New Year so many times, be it Poila Baisakh or Baisakhi. But then its a new year tommorow according to the calender most of us follow.

Today, on the last day of the year I want to list some things I hated about 2010. Here goes

The IPL teams/Lalit Modi controversy

I like cricket. Just don’t ask me the rules. IPL has made the game more understandable and much more fun for non-sports people like me. But this year the controversy regarding ownership of teams spoiled all the exhilaration of the game.

The bad publicity India got for hosting CWG

I Am all for India and her achievements. And if being able to host the CWG is counted as an triumph for India, so be it. But then do a proper job of it. What’s the use of taking up something if you cant handle it. This basically led to something worse- the over hyped bad publicity before the games and the Kalmadi scam after the games took away the spotlight from the Indian participants who had done so well. No one remembers who won gold silver or bronze at the games but ask anyone about the mismanagement and Kalmadi’s skills and everyone will have an answer. Basically instead of the focus being on the games the controversies surrounding it became the center of attention. Not Good.

The late winter

I love every season-summer for the mangoes, monsoon for the poetry and winter for the blankets. The late arrival of any season irks me. One looks forward to something and that something is so damn late. Punctuality is supposed to be a virtue. Virtue or not winter was late and on top of that it’s not very cold. The sky didn’t really turn “a hazy shade of winter” nor was December “deep and dark”. So am not happy with winter 2010

The soaring prices (specially of onions)

Not that I am the one emptying my pockets for veggies. But because of the sky high prices onion consumption was rationed. And yes the high rates became “the” topic of conversation. Mention onions and ears were pricked, people swayed their heads in disapproval and voila a conversation on onions has began, followed by a discussion on onion less recipes and how there are people (unlike us) who have always gone without consuming onions.

The “Big Boss” hype and other sadist, voyeuristic shows

I must admit that even though I hate the concept of voyeurism I have watched an episode here and there of Big Boss, Emotional Attyachar and similar shows. I know Bigg Boss is not exactlyan only 2010 phenomenon but the court had ordered an “after 11” time slot for adult viewership shows. 9, 10 and 11year olds discussing the antics of contestants of adult content shows like Big Boss and Splitsvilla is just ridiculous. But that is a different issue altogether. Hype over voyeuristic shows has increased this year which will certainly lead to more dramatic trends in society in the years to come. These shows are quite popular which proves that the once suppressed phenomenon of voyeurism and sadistic pleasure over peoples discomfort, humiliation and pain is now out in the open. But I, like many do not like this trend.

A series of badly written books

These books are full of grammatical mistakes and typos. With wafer thin predictable plots, poor characterization and bollywoodized situations the books were puke-worthy. And they gave non-readers a right to claim that they “read books”, an open insult to genuine bookreaders and the other extreme bookworms. Examples- ‘I too had a lovestory’, ‘ofcourse I love you..till I find someone better’ . How I hate those books. And their creators who claim to be writers. Whatever.

Rallies in Kolkata

Almost everyday in Kolkata is spent trying to figure out who is calling a rally for what. Not that I care much for the cause but it makes travelling on the Kolkata roads a pain.

Munni and her being badnam

Sorry guys but I hate that song. Even though Malliaka Arora khan supposedly looks hot in it( I am straight)Even though Zandu balm has got loads of publicity. Gawd what a crude song. Am not playing moral police but I wouldn’t ever want to sing that song aloud even if am drunk.

There are ofcourse many other things that I could have hated but can't recall at the moment.
On a pleasanter note
A very happy New year to all!

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