Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In the name of the father

I am not usually a superstitious person but when I nervous, jittery or really want something I tend to utter one the three- " Touch wood" , " Fingers crossed" , or " In the name of the father, and of the son and of the holy spirit." I also do this whenever I want to avoid jinxing something good happening.  I say all three when the situation requires. ( this year's world cup final for instance)

While making chocolates today I burnt some of it. So while melting the next bowl of chocolate I heard myself chanting " In the name of the father, son and holy spirit" I know for a fact that chanting stuff doesn't really change anything. Maybe all it does is ease the tension. Maybe it's all about habit.

The chant involving fathers, sons and spirits is not the result of being in a missionary school for twelve years. My mom does this. I learned it from her.

As a kid I used to cross my fingers a lot. Literally cross my fingers. Many will remember the mail van theory- wish on a mail van, cross your fingers and un-cross them when you see a black car. If you manage this your wish will come true. I did this every time I saw a red mail van. It became a good omen sort of thing. Whenever I see a mail van these days I have to stop myself from crossing my fingers.

Superstition for me is not just avoiding jinxing stuff but also a habit. I am not superstitious as a person. Many people including my grandmother believe that talking about death is Ashub  or a bad omen. If am not superstitious enough to believe in shub ashub why do I do the finger crossing stuff? Does that mean I am contradicting myself. If its only a habit, do I need to break out of it? It's not even something I do consciously but yes now that I am writing about it I want to make a note of how often I tend to get superstitious. 

Or maybe I will not. How does it matter if crossing my fingers or saying touchwood makes me more superstitious than i think I am. It's just one quirk. Maybe I will stop doing it, maybe not. Right now 
my life is moving forward quite smoothly *touchwood*


  1. I think some superstition is good. Especially if it is the type you have written about. It lets us believe for a moment of time that we can change or influence something by doing silly little things. Logic is important, but often has the tendency to make life seem too bland and boring! So if you think crossing your fingers on seeing a red mail van will improve things for you, then why stop yourself? It certainly can't make things worse, can it?

  2. @lazypanda Yes that's what I was wondering yesterday. It actually makes one feel at ease to be superstitious about something. Logic IS certainly boring at times and that's why folks like us indulge in illogical and crazy thinking :P

    And yeah it doesn't make things worse.

  3. May be that is the way God decides to help us out in tough time. Who now`s what is hidden in the future but such believe`s enhance our ability to perform better. And after all its a God`s creation (world) and we all are here to perform our roles, and in more humanly manner "all the worlds a stage and we are mere artists" as said by Shakespeare.

    And never think that studying in missionary institution plays any dominance in ideology to respected blog writter !

  4. @anonymous yes it does help one in tough times :)

  5. I wouldn't really call this's more of a habit. Or maybe an expression of the intensity of your wish :)

  6. Why do you write once in a blue moon ? when you have good writing skill ! at-least your skill

  7. We get you bachhi :) :) :) i believe you are NOT superstitous AT ALL...

    P.S. Touchwood. :D

  8. are u preparing for any exams ? as no posts for long time ?

  9. @ sb_is_the_boss
    yes it may be an expression of the intensity of my wish :)

    @Samik ha ha Touchwood. Waiting for your posts

    @anonymous. Thank you for your kind word, It has been a long time since i have blogged. When I don't blog I write other stuff :) But I do have few things I want to blog about, so you can expect a post soon. Thanks again for your encouragement :)