Sunday, December 25, 2011


‘Naika’ is a Bengali adjective that cannot be translated to any other language- there is no substitute whatsoever. Simply because you will find naika people only in the Bengali community. “Naikamo” the quality of being naika only Bengalis possess and can be interpreted only by those who have been at close quarters of Bengali culture. Bongs ( I don’t think it should be taken as a derogatory term; if Punjabis are punjus, Gujaratis’ Gujjus, Bengalis should be happy with being called a bong.) can naturally be naika. It may include girly, attention seeking, eyes fluttering gestures or it may include a way of talking or tone of voice.  

Many are born naika, many put up an act when it is convenient. But no bong is complete without naika-ness.

I have often tried ‘naika’ poses for the camera but I always end up sniggering and the photograph ends up being a cross between crazy and naika. More crazy than naika.

I am pretty comfortable with both Punjabi and Bengali cultures and I am often mistaken for a bong. A few relatives often say- “Tu toh bangalan ban gayi hai”- You have turned into a bong female. Yet I haven’t gotten around to the secret behind the naika -ness bongs possess. To much of it gets on non-naika people’s nerves. So much so that we call permanently naika people NC , short for naika ch*** (figure out the expletive, I know you can)

I am not discouraging permanently naika’s to stop.  Please do continue (more fodder for non-naika people’s laughter) As I said I don't think you can do without it.

I will; one day; perfect a naika pose for the camera. For Sure. 


  1. Kindly clear the clouds from ***** (hahaaaaaaa)and never call Punjabis as punjus this is the most stupid version developed by some nonsense people who does not have any work except creating such short forms and kindly writer don`t get sentimental about nakimo as per my info it means doing something not good !! basically playing some prank or wrong doing . Hope you understand. Get well soon .Waiting for your next post

  2. @Anonymous I am a punjaban myself and I don't mind being called a punju. The other punjabis i know don't mind, that too I know as a fact. The short forms were not created by me and are commonly used.

    I live in Calcutta and have grown up among bengalis. Infact I can speak the language quite fluently and know what the word "naika" means. Naikamo certainly does not mean a prank- it's certain mannerisms. And I do hope to write pretty soon. :) Read on.

  3. Oh Miss Punjaban !! first of all Happy New Year & believe me no body in real sense will like to be called Punju except some psychos or some non sense idiot box channel fans ( no offence intended,as above comment is written keeping elders out of the consideration). And for 'naika' matter i will just like to say do whatever u feel like.:)