Thursday, April 26, 2012

You could just drive by


That's what my sister said while browsing through pictures of the Audi A8. She was literally drooling over a car! And the other day she was over the moon because she had touched an Audi. 

Almost every guy I know reacts in quite a similar way while admiring a car. 

As for me, I can't differentiate between cars. I can't tell from one make to another. If my life depended on recognising cars I would probably die. The only cars I can recognise without having to read what's written on it is the Maruti 800(we used to have it), Chevrolet beat(we have it now) A Santro (my Mamu used to have one) Getz, and ambassadors. Well, you get the drift.

For me a car is to be used to drive from destination X to destination Y. As simple as that. Why should I care about the make of a car?

A week or so ago I asked A how good a car Indica was. What started with a simple question turned into a full fledged lesson of sorts about cars, their make, identifying cars and so on. I was intrigued. There was so much to know about cars, so much to find out. From the next day  I started paying more attention to cars, peering at their logos to see their make. This new hobby is somewhat interesting. Unfortunately, I  cannot identify cars even now and so my interest is dwindling. 

The other day I thought to myself. If I ever buy my own car, I will not bother deciding which one. I will fix on a budget and ask A or my sister or my cousin bro to advice me on a good car. Not just suggest, maybe even choose for me. I really wouldn't care less. I don't have a dream car, thank you very much.

I do have to learn driving soon though. I keep putting it off. Soon, soon, very soon. 

I am not attracted to cars. I will listen to anyone talking about cars with whole hearted interest. If they say that a particular car is amazing and sexy I will agree. If they point to a Merc and say it's a BMW I will agree. I am sure these knowledgeable people know a lot about cars and I appreciate their knowledge. I am enthusiastic about new knowledge and will grasp whatever new facts my brain takes in. 

Cars are useful and if they are so interesting to most guys and a number of girls who am I to open my mouth?

P.S: While typing this I searched for images of an Audi A8 and The Maruti SX4. What I understood was both had four wheels and were car shaped. 


  1. Oh dear lord!! I literally laughed out loud and almost fell off my chair reading this!

    "What I understood was both had four wheels and were car shaped." Well, the fact that you had to go through images to understand that is fascinating!! ;)

    1. @Indolent Insomniac I love your name! :D

      Well, yes it does sound funny but trust me my situation is as bad as that. I do not get cars. :P

      I am just admit, I am glad the post made you laugh!

  2. What the hell!!!! Shame on you!!! you couldnt differentiate between R8 and Sx4!!!..... i am soo disappointed on you!!!