Thursday, August 30, 2012

Too much

RO #2 Have just uploaded the toughest thing  I have ever written, for a contest held by penguin. I think I was holding my breath till it was over. 

Wrote my own story. My own lovestory, that is. AND it was tough! But it was fun. Brought back the memories. 

I think everyone should do it, if not for the public then for themselves. It's worth it 

P.S This is more than a oneliner, it's a small note. I am still calling it a oneliner.

P.S2 I have been writing about love for the last three days, for different contests. And now I am tired. Not of love but of writing about it. 

P.S3 And now I am sleepy. 

Ciao. Cheers. Bye. Goodnight

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