Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, I am bored.

I am bored of giving status updates on fb and still wary of tweeting so I am going to give random oneliners here. It doesn't really matter if you like the post coz I am doing this coz facebook is getting really really boring and I have decided that my blog should therefore be my only interaction with the world. Oh but I have to use facebook to inform people that I have updated my blog. So I do sort of depend on fb. And I still like fb. Unlike some people, who think they are too Uppity for fb and its anyway passe. 

And now that I am back to blogging, it feels good. So all I have been doing since I came  back from class is reading blogs. And dreaming of winning contests I have entered. 

Anyway I am bored of giving explanations for my random oneliners

So my RO for today is ( I am calling it RO coz I can't keep on typing random oneliner)

RO #1 You know you live in a hostel when "hunger" has a new meaning. 

So now you know, that I am not only bored but quite hungry and should have opened my packet of Wai Wai. But now that food has come I will go check out what is there and if it is not appealing I have my packet of wai wai. 

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