Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a crappy introduction

Yeah the first post is always difficult, the baby steps you know. I like to start with memories but I need to explain why I named my blog pigeonheadophobia not because it matters but because  I like to explain things. 

In simple words "pigeonhead" is someone with a very small brain and the phrase is used as an insult. Sometimes some situations have a sort of pigeonheaded essence in them. Sometimes people are pigeonheads. Sometimes I act like one.

Nothing wrong in pigeonheadedness. 

Basically really like this weird meaning less word. No other reason. 

That's all with the explaining I suppose.


  1. How Come i m nt mentioned in this pigeonhead blog? my parents always call me "PIGEONHEAD" if thats what it means.... !!!! :O ... but still felt good that at least someone doesnt feel so! he he he!!! nice blog loved it!! but want more posts!!!

  2. @samik
    yea gonna put more posts...btw i have another blog this was created yesterday

  3. where???? i9 couldnt see anymore blogs in ur profile!!!!!