Wednesday, September 30, 2009

three days

These days three days are devoted to Puja Visharjan....dashami and the two days after. Somehow I find the visharjan part very creepy. Seeing truckloads of idols at night is not my idea of fun. Not because the roads are blocked. Because ma seems to have lost all her splendour. I mean when we see the idols in the pandals the feeling is completely different. and then seeing straw coming out from Ma Durga's back is big time creepy. I cant imagine myself sharing a truck with the life size idols. And the dancing frenzy accompanied by the dhak is creepier....damn scary ... don't know if its meant to be.

One thing which was different in this year's Visharjan was that roads were being cleared for cars to pass. A scene never seen before. BB and Didi gearing up for 2011?

There are some questions better left unanswered. 

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