Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The day I saw a gorilla on the stairs.

I was about five or six when the gorilla visited our building. You saw it right. A gorilla.

My father used to drop me off from school. I used to run up to our 3rd floor flat and papa used to wait downstairs till I reached the house and waved from the verendah. Then he used to go back to his shop.

One day as usual he waited downstairs while i ran up the stairs. I hadn't even reached the 1st floor I saw a big black hairy pair of legs. A Gorilla!
I ran down the stairs calling out to papa " There's a gorilla in our staircase, gorilla papa" I screamed with all my might.

Dad came up with me to investigate.

Ultimately I realised that it was a workman that I saw and not a gorilla(no offence meant to anyone but I was a kid!)

That's my gorilla story.There are others involving dogs,bats and a bull. Some other time. 

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