Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cricket friendly?

Recently my parents had gone to see a Day and Night Match between India and Sri Lanka at Eden Gardens. This occurrence instantly got me thinking. In this age of global warming and carbon footprints, we are all thinking of ways of saving energy. Almost everyday we read articles telling us what we can do or rather what we should do to literally save the planet.

Aren't we all nodding our heads and promising ourselves that we'll close the taps the next time we brush our teeth and use a bucket and mug instead of a shower next time we enter the bathroom? 

Aren't we all switching of the lights and fans to reduce the energy used as well as our enormously large electricity bills? Are we all  taking off the plugs of our chargers when the batteries are fully loaded? 

We indeed are being told to do all these and more to keep the environment healthy. 

I too want to make a humble suggestion, not to individuals but to all cricket associations around the world. Scrap Day and Night matches! Utilise the daylight and play while the Sun shines. Can't that happen? Something to think about huh? We will save loads of electricity if we do this. 

All the cricket lovers will think that am talking nonsense! But one can think about this with an open mind. When the Twenty20 concept was new everyone was sceptical about it but it worked wonders, didn't it? So why not abolish day and night matches altogether? It would work if we make it work.

Cricket for environment anyone?


  1. This is So true!!! but i am also in favour of day night matches!!! In short - i m in Dilemma!! u made ur point quite nicely though... made me feel guilty... :(

  2. @samik sumthing 2 think abt huh?

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