Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doing what is right

I am all for justice and individual rights and feel elated when I read stories about the "wronged who are triumphant after the justice tug of war." One feels empathy for the underdog because one thinks that one may be in the same situation at some point of time. Its human tendency to feel for the minority, the needy and all kind of victoms. Even if we do nothing to help and forget about it all in five minutes! But once in a while( maybe blue moon, maybe decade) something pulls tightly at the safely hidden strings of our heart and we actually take some action and help someone out. We may donate blood, we may take part in a rally, we may make a poster; whatever we can do, we do.

Yes, that happened to me once-I really felt something, an urge to help. If anyone remembers, in 2007 there was this poor guy who loved a rich girl whose rich dad was against the match and the guy died? It was big news in West bengal, stories about it were filed for more than a month. A candlelight vigil, a protest march and a petition was held to get justice for the guy- a CBI investigation to be precise. I was one of the protestors.

Taking part in something like this brought in a few changes.
1. It made me more confident.I learned how to talk to perfect strangers.

2. I learned that if I believe in something, reallly believe in something, I am as confident as can be and can convince others too!

3. I realised that change can happen, that "we" are the change, the aam junta has power to change however sceptical people are.

4. I learned to light candles and got over my fear of getting burned something i had developed ever since i had got burned badly when I was 9

5. But best of all it inspired me to "do" other things in future and reinstalled my belief in justice

If helping someone has helped me so much then I am all for helping people, justice and individual rights!


  1. Very Rightly said and awesomely put down! sometimes ur posts are way too sarcastic... this ones sarcastc too! :) u gt ur own style... love to read them so much yaar!...

  2. why do u think i am sarcastic!i am being very honest....

  3. achha baba thik hai! tum honest ho Khush???