Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long lost relatives

The most annoying thing about parties , specially weddings; where long lost relatives suddenly appear; is the comment-

"Kitni badi ho gayi!" You have grown so much. You were so tiny when I saw you last.

When this kind of statement (or exclamation) is made, I feel like saying " Ya right I'm no going to oblige you by staying as tiny as a microbe forever." Obviously, we grow up. It's human nature. I can't be the exception to the law. Ofcourse you cannot (or aren't supposed to) say this to your grandma's sister's mother-in law's daughter. Or your mom's aunt's sister-in -law's mother. Or to an ugly looking aunt with a big wide grin and a deep lipstick who loves squeezing people to death and pulling their cheeks off.

Ofcourse you can't do such a thing when so and so's mother ( sister or whatever) so sweetly bore your urinating on her favourite Saree when you were tiny and who after so many years is surprised to notice that you have grown up! Obviously it's a relief coz she is wearing another designer today!

Meeting relatives who seem to have been lost in the Kumbh Mela and found after ages can sometimes be a real bore! Yet you have to be polite and are expected to remember aunts and grannies who rocked you when you were six months old.

And they go on and on about how naughty or sweet or cute you were and how you never visit them now and it's been ages and we must go to their place someday and it will be such a pleasure and blah blah blah.... and whichever auntyji or chachiji or bhuaji you meet will say the same thing. Over and over and again and again. Every party every shaadi, every time. I am so bored with all this taht I'll stop writing about this and listen to what my mom's cousin's mother in law's sister in law has to say about when she saw me asa a tiny ultra microscopic being.

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