Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Almost squashed but determined

The other day I was sitting in the new merc, on a mission, following orders. Trying to trudge towards my destination. (One doesn’t trudge in a merc, I know)

Um well just wanted to sound dramatic. I was on a bus, on my way to college. Sitting by the window side, admiring the view. And what a view it was, men using the road as a public toilet, men crossing the road at the wrong time beckoning Lord Accident to descend on them. Great view.

I was enjoying the view wondering why I had forgotten my earphones forcing my cell to sit idle in my pocket.

I was alone (well, not entirely) No one was sitting beside me. Out of nowhere this lady materialized(Now that I think of it she must have boarded the bus and I like many others don’t notice who boards the bus when.) She sat beside me, even though there were other empty seats. Now let me tell you, I usually don’t have any problem if people sit beside me. No, there was a reason to be mortified. This lady was thrice my size if not four times bigger. I am no size zero but I do have a thin figure. So I can safely say I had reason to be apprehensive.

I could have managed somehow had it been just her size. After a few minutes she started complaining. About everything from the weather to the crowd, to the lady leaning against the seat. Everything. Then I realized that I had heard this woman before. She had, a week ago been sitting behind me in the bus, and i recalled  her complaining about everything the whole 40 minutes I was in the bus. And so I thought “I have to endure this for atleast 30 minutes. God." At that point she wondered aloud why she had chosen to sit there( a nice gentle lady was leaning against the seat at that very moment) I too repeated “I wonder why”

Her size caused me a lot more trouble than I had envisioned. She was pressing her weight against me so much that I was sure by the time I reached my stop I would be so thin I would get sucked into a straw if I ever try to suck from one.

I had to do something. I would love to be thinner but not so thin! I tried to tell her politely, but she was to busy complaining to even hear me. Maybe she had too much fat in her ears and one would need a microphone to be hard by heard.

I tried to shove her with my elbow. Unsuccessful. I think I now have a tennis elbow. I repeated this whole process of politeness and shoving twice, to no avail.

They say “try try until you succeed”. I did try a lot, but before I could succeed my stop came so I got down.

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  1. hahahahah!! nice..... achha hua!! sometimes u need to be punished too.. funny account! :)