Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breaking the fall

The other day while rehearsing for our play I tried the trust game with my friend ( lets call her Kaniti). You know the game where you let yourself go and fall? And your partner has to catch you from behind? Its not about strength but about trusting the other person. When I told her what to do and then fell she couldn’t catch me and a fell down. Got a couple of bruises too.

The point is I didn’t mind falling. I didn’t mind her not catching me. And I was willing to give it another shot. I still trusted her to catch me. And even if she didn’t break my fall for the 2nd, 3th, 4th and 5th attempt I would have still fallen for her. Still trusted her to catch me on her 7th, 8th and 9th attempt. And if my friend would have trusted herself enough she would have been able to catch me.

Have trust in your abilities as a friend. Friendship doesn’t require solving all your friends’ problems. I used to think so earlier and proclaim myself a failure when I couldn’t solve my friends’ problems.

Once, Kaniti and I whined together (Hell we almost cried but 21 year olds don’t cry I guess) we both had separate emotional burdens yet neither of us had solutions or a piece of advice for the other. But we did feel better after a bout of mutual whining. Maybe its about being able to whine together.

Sometimes ‘I am there’ isn’t a ‘constant by your side always’ presence. Its more of when you are in your lowest of low emotional holes, you close your eyes and you know that whatever shit happens the ‘ I am there’ person will still be there.

Most people will judge you when you are in your crappiest, worst phase; even your parents; not the ‘I am there’ person.

But then you have to have an ‘I am there’ person. You need to trust yourself, trust your abilities as a friend.

Trust yourself so that you have full trust in the fact that I trust you.


  1. Kaniti really trusts u....n luvs whining wid u!!!

  2. I have a question: How Many Possible permutations does the letters of "KANITI" have? :P :P :P!!!

    anyway, shame on u Kaniti, u are totally useless.... why do u eat so much when you cannot break your frnd's fall!!!!!

    But well written :)... random thoughts but a nice reading :)

  3. when u say u wudnt mind to fall for her again and again.. it reminded me of the Kiterunner, when Amir says to Hassan's son, "for you a thousand times over" :)

  4. @lazypanda did it? now that u mention it yeah it does. that was one claasic line

    @sam thnx 4 d comment n kaniti is now kaniti