Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You've come a long way, kid!

Very recently a very sweet junior of mine described me as a “mastikhor”. That was the first time someone used such an adjective to describe me. I was surprised and very very pleased. Who would have thought that the erstwhile quiet girl like me would be called a “mastikhor”. WOW!

That got me thinking about myself. I turned 21 a few days back and that got me thinking some more. I have come a long way. I know everyone does. Just that I am so amazed at the changes in me that I would like to share it.

I was a terribly under-confident teenager for several reasons.

I was an average student to start with. And was demoralized so much for my poor performance in science subjects that I stopped believing in myself and as a result became a below average student. I hated it. More so because my parents believed I could do better. They could see it, I just couldn’t.

I wasn’t very athletic either( I still aint but I don’t really care about it now) Not being picked for any sport kinda hurt.

Since I was epileptic as a child I was on medicine till I was fifteen. I hated that. A lot. And I kept it a secret, none of my friends knew my medical past. I had to go for annual check ups and EEG tests. I wasn’t allowed to learn how to swim. Then of course by the time I was allowed life got to busy for lessons and well I was too embarrassed to learn.

So till I was around sixteen I wasn’t sure about my abilities in any field. I wasn’t even confident about my writing.

People grow up. They grow out of their gawkiness and so did I. somehow I gained confidence a few months before my class 10 boards. I got even more confident when I changed schools in class 11. ( More
of that some other time maybe)

People change. I am glad I did. I like the ‘new’ me better.


  1. u sure have...bt loads of miles ahead..keep re-discoverin urself gal...

  2. Thats a great post. perhaps your best among the ones I've read. And an even more phenomenal story. People definitely do change, but your change was really something and sounds like an epilogue to an even more interesting plot to follow.

    Whenever you feel low, rather than looking outside for support, this is the story you should remind yourself about. When could take control of you life as a teenager, you definitely can do it later on. The biggest thing is you've learnt to believe in yourself and I'm sure great things are to follow. Wish you the very best. Okay, before the comment gets long enough to be considered a post, I should stop :P

  3. Anonymous29 June, 2011

    yes anjee.. u have come a long way. infact we all do. n today u r confident of urself, and dats very good. n abt d 'mastikhor' part..ofcourse darling...u r one.. we hav made u into one.. :D
    swati :)

  4. @ lazy panda. Thank u for the grt comment. abt it sounding like an epilogue, maybe someday. Or do u mean a foreward? whatever it is,i do want better things to happen. Am sure of they will happen. And ya it would help me whenever i feel low.

    @swati ya i do luv being a mastikhor!

    @nikita thats what i do everyday..keep rediscovering myself...

  5. yeah, that was so stupid of me.. I meant its like a prologue :P

  6. heard your story again, but this time with beautiful words. made me believe in myself again.

  7. @ Aquaria thats what is needed..the conviction that u are sumthn. am sure u will discover who u r soon! keep believing in urself. that's the key!