Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mr. Sengupta and other stuff

When my Nani was ill there were loads of people who wanted to visit her.  Unfortunately just three visitor’s cards per patient were issued by the hospital. Everyone wanted to spend time with her and in this attempt to let everyone visit her immediate family couldn’t spend time with her.

My dad thought of something. Actually he overheard someone talk about the ‘9th floor’. This lady, when asked for the pass by the guard standing at the foot of the stairs simply said “9th floor’ and he let her go. Without a pass. Strange. Even stranger is the fact that the hospital didn’t have a  9th floor. My dad decided to observe more people to see if anyone else did it. They did! Dad figured out that “9th floor’ was a code for V.I. P rooms where the patients’ families didn’t need passes.

He decided to try it. The next day when stopped by a guard he nonchalantly said “9th floor” and the guard let him go. He used this strategy to lead anyone  who wanted to visit my Nani. Problem solved albeit in an unconventional way.

So one day my friend Kaniti and I had to go to Ruby area for some work. When we reached Ruby we realised that it had been futile to come all the way. But we didn’t want to go back so fast after traveling for almost an hour for nothing. Ruby area doesn’t have place we could hang out so I suggested that we enter Ruby Hospital.

We entered the hospital and out of my whim went up to the receptionist and asked her which room a Mr. Sengupta was admitted in. She asked us for a first name. we pretended that we didn’t know. She gave us a few names and we nodded our heads at one of them. We thanked her and went our way, continuing our facade; talking about our sick ‘uncle’. We roamed about a bit and then spotted a waiting area on the other end of the room. We sat down on one of the sofas and started chatting. After about forty minutes we came out of the place and went our way.

Seems pointless? But I do have a point to make. Like what my dad did. A little bit of acting can get you out of a sticky situation. The '9th floor’ incident was only one, my dad has found his way through many a bureaucrat rule (specially in hospitals and emergencies) to get what he needs. Its not trickery nor is it illegal. Just a bit of acting to get through trivial situations. Like not having passes. What is life without a bit of acting thrown in?


  1. Absolutely! What is life without a little bit of acting thrown in at the appropriate places ?

  2. very innovative.. i wish such ideas struck me more often!!