Saturday, July 9, 2011

The 'Romantic' Hero

Girls are consistently fed the ‘romantic' hero stereotype, starting from the age of three with stories of Cinderella’s Prince Charming relayed to them every night.

And why was he called Prince Charming and not something else? Did all he have was charm? I am guessing that must be the case. All he did was dance with her. No bravado, no sign of intelligence. Seriously, choosing a bride on the basis of her shoe size? But he sure was charming.

And the romantic movies. Look at all the guys Hugh Grant has played. Sweet, caring, charming. RICH. Intelligent, blah, blah blah.

And closer home there is Sharukh Khan flinging his arms wide; with his oh so cute dimpled smile; singing songs that can melt your heart. Running in mustard fields telling you “Main hoon Na”.
Well, obviously our expectations are high and obviously we are disappointed when we take off our tinted glasses and find the real life guy types- the MCP, The slob, The show off, the Brawn without brains etc etc.

And girls have the task of finding a guy she could love, wading through a sea of the guy types. And well, they do find their own Prince “not so charming” and maybe their own knight in “Versace” armour.

Girls have to basically realize that guys will be guys. Some of them will be jerks hiding under the prince charming disguise. Some will turn out to be nice but they still will have guy habits. But that’s why we like them, don’t we? And let’s face it, no all of us like Prince Charming.


  1. I am a guy and i dont feel like commenting :(

  2. nice one...but you know many girls are wanting to sue those people for making them believe there's a 'perfect' guy for them

  3. I would agree with Purple Heart Sam

  4. @sam ur a guy and u just commented
    @ the red baron- so did u

    @aquaria I quite like the idea of suing.
    Btw u know why Cinderella chose the prince? It was a better life than washing dishes and waiting on her step sisters. Not because she loved the guy. My POV ofcourse.

  5. Perfection is boring. Don't you think so? Such flawlessness might actually make you feel insecure.

    Ok, talk of suing for dreams. What abt. the story of the princess kissing the frog turning him into a prince :P Though as a gender, I do feel we are less dreamy right from the start.

  6. @ lazypanda ya perfection is boring, totally!

    And about dreams well the suing part is for the endless feeding of minds of girls with grt images of guys. media does that a lot.not that mst ppl mind! ya as a gender guys are less dreamy.