Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Quick wink

I love my after breakfast naps and I wish I could take them more often. Actually, I do take them when I am at home and have absolutely nothing urgent  to do.

And you know why I love naps?

a) You can doze off when you want to. That's basically when you are sleepy. Unlike those winks you take because you have to. 

( You know, when you are doing something really important late into the night and you have to stop because you really can't take it anymore and totally need to sleep NOW!)

b) When someone rings you and wakes you up you can always pretend that you were doing something really important which that person interrupted.

Or if the person who wakes you up is present at the place where you were napping and has actually witnessed your closed eyes you can pretend that you were thinking.

That's the best part about naps. You can wake up in a hurry and continue doing what you were before you unceremoniously dozed off. Maybe  more vigorously this time. I once took a five minute nap while writing a paper and when I woke up all the crap that I had studied suddenly came out in better formed sentences!

I don't know about power-naps. I liked napping before the attached that nasty prefix to the word. 

I take quite a few naps while studying sociology. What is it about being bored that makes you drowsy? I also get drowsy on flights. Maybe it's the constant staring at the clouds outside my window?

And my favourite naps? I think you guessed it. It's the mid morning, after breakfast nap that I absolutely love!

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