Sunday, January 29, 2012

100 Words: Distance

1772 kms. It is difficult to be practical, when in love. Crazy practical people in love. “Be strong. Be Patient.  When the going gets tough the tough get going” These are the words she repeats to herself. Like a chant.

The heart is already fond, it doesn’t need distance.

Today she has to smile. She does have a smile, plastered on her face. If you talk to her you may hear it in her voice.  She will be strong. For she knows someone needs her to be. As much as she needs him to be. 

Distance makes tough people tougher.  


  1. Writer,fabulous so you traveled dam 1772 km`s to meet ur boy friend !! Great going.:))

    1. He did the travelling this time. But yes we do have to travel a lot to see each other. Worth it.