Monday, January 16, 2012

No shop, No drop

I like shopping. The idea. I like to think that I would visit a mall and choose fabulous outfits for myself. I would fuss, pick and choose from a hundred outfits and return with loads of shopping bags. I like the idea. I like to think I can do it.

I like to think I would go ‘ooh’ when I look at shiny stuff(i.e jewellery ) I like to think that I would stop and stare at every window and admire or dissect whatever is on display. The idea is excellent, execution not so much.
Shopping bores me. Actually, shopping per say doesn’t bore me. I like buying stuff. Mainly books. And shoes at times. Anything that involves trotting from one place to another; stopping to look at stuff ( and pass appropriate comments) bores me. Buying books doesn’t involve that.

Don’t get me wrong I like clothes and I do quite occasionally feel I need more. Just, the entire process of going to a place, choosing, deciding etc etc is tedious.   

When I shop I get exhausted in about an hour or so. I get impatient. I get restless. I end up buying something that doesn’t fit at times. I ended up buying a pair of jeans 2 sizes bigger because I was irritated and wanted to go back home and so didn’t try it on ( I was 11 maybe) if I have to shop and start feeling bored and haven’t found what I had to buy I chuck it. Whatever I had planned to buy gets postponed to the next trip.

When the person I shop with tries on heaps of clothes without deciding on even one, it annoys me to bits. So if she asks me if the outfit is any good I keep saying yes to whatever is shown to me.

I used to like window shopping as a teen. It was the novelty of it I suppose.  I would rather not do it now.

It’s a pity that personal shoppers help you shop and don’t choose stuff for you. They guide you ( and you have to pay them)

Give me a substantial amount of money (say 10k ) and ask me to shop the whole day I would probably buy all the books on my list. Online shopping is a boon for me.   

Out of all the stereotypical comments about woman, I dislike “all woman love shopping” the most. I am a woman and I detest shopping.


  1. I guess EVERY woman doesnt like shopping... nice one hehe :D

  2. When I am in a store ,it's like I am at home . Just the feeling of so many new clothes with tags on them ,lifts up my spirits . Sometimes I go window shopping just because I am feeling low :D

    No seriously,dont laugh :D

    1. Aww..that's nice(And I am not laughing.) I sometimes wish I was part of the shoppers league. I listen to Simon and Garfunkel when I am low.