Saturday, January 21, 2012

World empty empty seems

The first time I met AK, my reaction was- "What a nerd" Actually if anyone meets her for the first time, they think she is a nerd. But even though she reads much more than I do, she is anything but a nerd. 

A newbie in GDB I was trying to find my way through friends and classes. I had humanities in +2, we all had different subjects and so we didn't meet all our classmates in every period. The next time i saw her was in economics class. Front bench, listening intently to what the teacher was saying. And I was in the last bench, hardly comprehending what the lady was talking about. 

I met her again in the library. She was explaining eco to someone. I asked for her help, which she readily gave. And that was the end of that. 

Then I became friends with Rajnandini through History class. I moved to the first bench to sit beside her. Eco classes came and went and somehow AK and I  became friends. Sharing our love for lists, Harry Potter and zara hatke stuff. ( BTW we sat beside each other in class 12) 

I remember I had painted my nails black as part of a protest. When I was pulled out of assembly for breaking the rules and told to remove the nailpaint AK arranged  for a blade and helped me remove the two coats. 

So there we were, outside class, trying not to giggle. My hands outstretched and AK diligently scratching at my nails, chipping of bits of nail paint. I don't remember if we managed to get it all off, all I remember is her brave attempts. 

The thing is AK hates  explaining. She hates too many questions. I ask a lot of questions. And she patiently answers all of them. 

It is from her that I learned how to be more generous. I made a lot of friends because of her. I keep on learning from her, which is great.  I am lucky to her as a friend. A kind of best friend ( I say kind of because somehow I don't like the best friend tag, but if I used it I would use it for her and Kaniti) 

Remember that song from the movie Om Shanti Om? Jag suna suna lage...We translated it to English and danced to it and hence the title of this post. I think mine WOULD  seem empty without her. 


  1. Writer u must watch 3 idiots as it convey a real message that when ur friends score more marks than u it make u feel worse and as mentioned by u about ur "AK" she seems to be book worm ;) as a result u will always be compared by them in marks(score card) wise by your peers so kindly get over such filmy situation as its said zindgi nehi mileagi dobbara ( sorry for my poor hindi ) and once again cheer up life might have some wonderful plans for u :):) !!

    1. Punctuation matters. Your comment would have been easier to understand if you had punctuated it properly.

      Marks don't matter to me, though I am very proud of my friends when they score well. I don't know what you mean by 'this filmy situation'. I didn't mention films. Yes my friend AK is a bookworm and so am I and we are both proud of this fact.

    2. SORRY, for the inconvenience caused . As I believe in conveying the message rather than pattern .And your word`s prove that you are a great friend to have,your friend must be lucky to have a friend like you.

      And for being book worm follow the words of "Chanakya"..... "Books are as useful to a stupid person as a mirror is useful to a blind person." (as I am not very studious, and kindly don`t take above comment seriously as its my favorite line while dealing with book worms ) but you continue your hobby! :):)