Saturday, September 3, 2011


I don't like reading e-books for the same reason I don't  cover my books to protect them. I like to look at the cover when I take a book in my hand. 

I like the feel of books. Correction,I love the feel of books. I love the slight ruffling sound of turning the pages when waiting to savour the next few words. And the task of remembering the page number for the next time you read it. 

Like a typical bookworm I like the smell of old books. And I won't trade those yellowed, musty pages for a just out edition. There is something about old books which can't be replaced by the fresh out of the print edition.

The first book I remember reading was a musical version of " Goldilocks and the three bears". The book had a few switches for a bear's growl and other sounds with instructions at the appropriate places to press the switch. It was very exciting and became more of a toy than a book. I think I read it everyday just to get a chance to listen to the 'grrr' sound of the bears. 

My second favourite was "Red riding hood". I loved that story. (Aside remark: I also wondered if the 'big bad wolf' of that story and the 'big bad wolf' of "Three little pigs" were the same)

Another  favourite activity as a kid was making bookmarks. I was forever creating bookmarks out of old greeting cards. I still have some of them, tucked away at a corner somewhere. 

Ownership of books is important to bookworms. Borrowing a favourite book from the library just wont do! Spending money on stuff is difficult for me, but when I really, really want a book I don't blink an eyelid before taking out my wallet. 

I am the kind of person who will head instinctively towards the book section in a store; take out interesting looking books; read their blurb and type the names of books in my cell. And then, when I am back home I will add those names to my "books to read" list. Ah, yes, the list is long and yeah I tick off the books once I have read them.

Some people say that us bookworms are lost in their own world and don't know an iota of what is happening in the world outside the book they are currently reading. I feel, that we understand the world much better than other people. Reading makes us more perceptive than people imagine us to be. We know better than others that failure is not the end; that roses don't come without thorns; and that all stories need not have happy endings.


  1. 'books to read' list - yes' every bookworm has it. But you forgot the 'books I want to own'(for fav books). Btw - loved it!

  2. Ya Aquaria I did forget the "books I want to own" list. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I agree with you on that. I wouldn't call myself a bookworm, but when I pick up something that I find interesting, I forget everything else till I finish! Also, I HATE e-books!

    btw, I don't know if flipkart has a 'wishlist' option.. but Amazon does and you should definitely update it!

  4. ya e-books don't work 4 either. Will try what u have suggested abt Amazon.

  5. Luved dis of ur besties...cud identify wd it n m sure other bookwroms cud 2.i dnt hv 'books 2 read' list I do hv d same feelings whn readin a book..n d smell of yellowd pages r my fav...

  6. Umm hi... First time here n glad dat i found in u someone who loathes ebooks as much as i do :)

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by. So good to see a new comment on an old post Yes, ebooks can't replace books. Even though I now have an ebook reader on my phone which I use for light reading :P