Monday, September 12, 2011

Weird until I decide not to be

I write some pretty weird stuff and have done so in the past. Regardless of how many people like what I am going to post in the next few lines I am determined 2 post the following. Some of the older weird stuff i had written for this other blog I had. Re-posted here. This is an experiment.. I am not responsible for any accident or tragedy that may occur after you read this. Here goes then:

My caged emotions are floating in my soul. Desperately waiting to break free into a newer world.

My emotions are endless, not enough for this world; neither enough for the universe.

Crude, raw, uncouth emotions. No words in this world to describe them. No language enough.

Un-nameable emotions. Numerous; vast.

And when they break free emotionless will I be?

No I think not.

New emotions will arise from the flames of the old.

Not born, they'll be reinvented, reformed.

The world will tell its story through my emotions. 


  1. what magnificent emotions...I never have such emotions?

  2. I think everyone has un-realised emotions. It is upon the individual to decide whether to show these emotions or not.