Monday, September 12, 2011

Weirdness continued

This one is about questionable existence. Read on:

And then you woke up. And you saw me. I didn’t Know I was here, maybe I wasn’t. But you did see me, very very clearly (at least you seemed to). And yet I was not there ,I was visible, maybe, but I didn’t know of my existence. I wasn’t there yet? I may exist for you, but am not sure of my existence. I feel am not there. A wisp of sand. Out of nowhere. Yet I remind you of something, something long ago. But I was there Ofcourse I was there. You saw me. You couldn’t hold me though, nor touch me. I was sure that I was there. Yet I was not. Not for everyone. No one else was there. Just you (maybe me?)

My existence is questionable No one I know knows of me You know of my existence, I don’t.

And yeah, don't normally post my poetry on my blog but since the theme is similar, here it is

Existence questionable

Disappear into nothingness,

I do not exist.

My body devoid of soul.

Sucked into a never ending hole,

the world is meaningless to me.

Disappear into the darkness,

the darkness is so thick.

Here I belong.

Disappear into lonelyness,

lonelyness is a friend.

Me not scared of it.

My isolation complete.

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