Thursday, September 22, 2011

The events of the past

The other day my mom was talking about this regression specialist, who had come as a speaker at her Rotary meeting. People who can actually take us back into our past lives. When, you were a dog; a cat or a needle. Apparently our problems in this life can be related to our previous lives. So if you are claustrophobic it may have something to do with something that happened when your soul was in some other body.

And all the while I thought only the life we live currently is important. “Hinduism” and grandmothers do talk about past lives and the afterlife. But I never bothered coz I figured it wouldn’t matter since I didn’t remember it. And now I realised that they have ways of making me remember!

Of course there was this show called “Raaz Pichle Janam Ka” and the specialist did take contestants to their past lives, but they made it so dramatic that ultimately it seemed like a soapy drama.

I also recently spent 3 bucks to know who I was in my past life. You know, those SMS‘s network providers send you-“Know your love” ;“Know the secret of your name”; “know your past life”. Well, I tried it. They asked for my birth date which revealed that I was a builder. I had a “dynamic nature with huge energy”. I was also “excellent in planning and supervising”. Now I know so much about my past life.

Yet, I am not too sure if I want to bother with my various past lives. The present itself is so complicated. We have to figure out so much. To connect it to the past is taking it too far. 


  1. m the first one to comment after soo long :P and i like ur sarcasm regarding this post.. well done.. baaki chat mein sun lena. ab mujhe faltoo taarif karne ki aadat to hai nahi :)

  2. it's only there if you believe in it :) if you choose to believe someone can take you back to your past lives, if any, then you will go back. if you believe there is no life but this, then, well :) you get the point. :)

  3. @ The Restless Quill,
    You do have a point. We believe whatever we want to believe. The idea of a past live is interesting and makes for good debate.