Friday, February 3, 2012

How to kill people: A killer guide.

WARNING: May seem offensive to most people. Not to be taken seriously. I am in no means suggesting any sort of action. If you do not like the following feel free to ignore. 

What is the best way to kill yourself?  I am thinking of  about suicide. Either way I say it it sounds as if I want to kill myself. Well I don't. I am perfectly happy with my life. I am just wondering about suicide. Not deep philosophical thoughts about what makes people commit suicide. Neither am I thinking about statistics and the growing rates of suicide. Mine is just an  inquiry about what would be the best way to kill yourself. I may get someone to commit suicide. Note that this someone will be fictional. 

I want to create a  suicide that is fool-proof. Idiot-proof. 

Or maybe a suicide that looks like murder. Thrillers anyone? This is getting exciting! I am now thinking of not only a fool-proof/idiot proof suicide but also one that resembles a murder. 

Asphyxia. People wrongly assume that choking is another name for Asphyxia, when it is only an example. Asphyxia is deficit supply of oxygen to the body.  And it sounds good on paper. Very Agatha Christie-ish huh? But then I don't think it is a DIY task.

Poison seems like a good idea. But which one? I can only think of Cyanide. Again an Agatha Christie influence. 

Maybe I should think bollywood. Maybe not. Bollywood suicides are very simple- sleeping pills. Sounds pretty cliche and therefore boring. 

Over dose of drugs sounds  interesting but is also over-used. Will not do. 

I am trying to hatch an elaborate suicide  attempt. Again I must mention here that it's  for a future fictional character. 

Voodoo. Make a doll that looks like you and stab it with needles. That could work actually. 

Ah! Maybe I can brew something out of this. Anticipation. My notebook awaits. 

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  1. Ask your parent`s to read your blog and bingo your desire for suicide is full-filled !!!