Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things I need. Badly. Pretty please.

Anyone interested in giving me stuff? I promise I will be eternally grateful. I swear. Everlasting gratitude from me. The forever types. 

I made a list of all the things I want. It isn't very long. 

1. People to stop stealing my pens. I had three pens yesterday. I can only locate one of them today. 

2.  All my plans to work out. ( Fingers crossed.)

3. A way to somehow travel freely. I need to go places. 

4. Money. Not loads, but enough. 

5. Patience to shop. I do need to buy some stuff. 

6. Information on various topics. 

7. Chewing gum. A month's supply. Mint flavour. 

8. My finals to get out of the way.

10. The muse to visit me more often. Everyday to be precise. 

11. A pedicure. If can give myself a pedicure but it wouldn't hurt to get it done( for free ofcourse) 

12. Life to uncomplicate itself and present itself to me in neat rows and columns.

13. Some magic- preferably to be able to apparate and disapparate. Or a summoning spell. I need loads of magic actually

14. A library membership. 

15. Speed

16. A small bag. I am too lazy to sew up my torn bag. 

17. New pairs of shoes. Atleast three pairs. 

18. A new phone. I know which one I want( Ok I am anyway buying a phone soon so I guess #18 doesn't count)

19. A hug. On second thoughts, loads of hugs (from specific people not random strangers) 

20. Someone to type stuff for me. There is loads of stuff I need to type. I don't particularly like typing. And I am pretty slow. And lazy. Enough said.  

21. Atleast two Audrey Hepburn movies.  From  any of the following- Funny Face, Love in the afternoon, War and Peace or Charade. 

22. A Simon and Garfunkel concert. Or a Kimya Dawson concert.Or an Aqualung concert. 

23. Chocolate. Not just any. My own. Can someone buy some chocolate from me and gift it back to me? I would really appreciate that. 

24. More hits on my blog. And more comments. Helps a lot to know that you are appreciated. 

25. Yummy food to be calorie less. I cant give up on food. I don't want to miss out on taste. Would prefer to miss out on calories,

I think for now 25 items on my list is enough. Any suggestions are welcome. 


  1. I will buy u chocolates from u, if u can give them to me at discount that too 100% :P... :D haha