Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Your definitions do not define me

If you ask me my name I will say it's Anjee

If you ask me who I am I will say I am human.

If you ask me my nationality I will say I am Indian. 

If you ask me my sex I will say I have female genitals. 

If you ask me my gender I will say I am female. 

If you ask me my sexual orientation I will say I am bisexual

I did not ask to get labelled. Your labels do not make me who I am. Label or not I decide who I am. 

Your preconceived notions do not define me. They do not make me who I am. Who I am is decided by me and me alone.  

P.S I recently participated in  Slutwalk Kolkata, held on 24th May. Though labeling is not the core issue that Slutwalk is dealing with it's something I have been thinking about a lot after the walk. To know more about how the Slutwalk originated you can check out this Wikipedia article.

You could also check out the facebook group Slutwalk Kolkata and the page.


  1. I am proud to know someone who participated in Slutwalk.:-) I don't like it when people restrict other people's choices using excuses of morality,profanity or safety.Human rights entail that a person should be able to do anything as long as it is not maliciously and intentionally designed to hurt other people.Good job,Anjee.Ohh,btw,when is your next round of fiction coming?

    1. Ya, equal rights for all should be the norm.

      Next round of fiction? Soon(I hope :P)

    2. WeirdTalkingDragon06 June, 2012

      We are all waiting!

  2. Anonymous06 June, 2012

    I agree with Rahul. Rape is one of the worst crime and the one committing so must be hanged with no mercy. But writer women should be even somewhat has to take care of herself walking wearing a tube top or bikni, even cannot be entertained.Hope you understand my view point.

    And one more request kindly don`t began to write any more so called fiction stories it reminds me of all horrible Daily Soap`s.
    Best of luck for your projects related to slut walk .Good Job

    1. I disagree. A woman should be able to wear anything she wants on the road, feel safe AND not be harassed by perverts. Blaming a rape/sexual harassment victim for her/his choice of attire is like blaming a terror attack victim for not wearing a bomb proof jacket. It does not make sense. I hope you get my point of view.

      Regarding posting fiction on my blog I think I get to decide what I want to post on my blog and you can decide if you want to read it or not.

    2. WeirdTalkingDragon06 June, 2012

      You don't get it. The point of Slutwalk and such movements is to imbibe that women should be able to wear whatever they want without the fear of being raped and moreover, being blamed for their rape. I shouldn't be hesitant of wearing a sleeveless top on the streets because of such sexual harassment.

      And, why? Can't she post fiction, that is. Please direct me to the daily soap about a schizophrenic girl :)

  3. @anonymous :) Umm...thanks for the agreeing bit...but,why don't you want anjee to write fiction? :-) As long as she loves doing it,and it doesn't harm anybody..she can do whatever she chooses to,right? :-D Isn't that the premise of movements like Slutwalk,too?Doing what you like doing....without being ashamed of it?