Sunday, June 24, 2012

Proposals, sunsigns and all that

For some reason a lot of Leons have proposed to me. And I don’t really like Leon men. I do not believe in horoscopes  but I am a big Linda Goodman fan. I think the sort of language she uses makes it really fun to read.

No offence meant to all the guys who “fell in love” with me but most have been Leons. I remember my 1st proposal. I was 15. And even though I was not naive and innocent I was not at all interested in dating. And he out of the blue came and proposed. It came as a shock. Specially beacause I was crushing on his friend and was expecting him to play cupid or atleast messenger. And he bloody proposed. I was SO annoyed.

I don’t get along with Leons coz I can’t stand people who have a big ego. I can’t be a follower and Leons expect followers. 

I don't like being told "I love you" by people I hardly know. Many people love it. They revel in the glory of so many people falling in love with them. I don't. It annoys me. I feel that people can't fall in love so randomly.  How can you love a person you hardly know? Falling in love with a pretty face is quite shallow. If someone tells me "Oh  you look so beautiful, I love you" it will piss me off. What if my face gets burned? Will you love me even then? I don't think so. ( I use the burn analogy because I have been severely burnt once and I could have had scars on my face.) 

I am vain enough to feel good when someone says I am pretty but that should not be the primary reason you fell in love with me.

Love takes time. It's like brewing tea. When I asked N(another Leon) why he proposed and what he saw in me. He said "Oh you are so sweet and simple." Meet me when I am in a bad mood and then tell me how sweet I am. Fall in love with my personality not my face. 

I don't know. That's my opinion. To each her own. It suits me to think that love takes time. And that random proposals are pathetic. 


  1. Aquarians are the best! Aren't they?

  2. WeirdTalkingDragon24 June, 2012

    Love the post, and epic comment above me ;) *cough cough* I'm all for Aquarians!

  3. I liked the tea analogy :) and I agree to the random-declarations-of-love-being0annoying sentiment.