Thursday, June 14, 2012

New in town

Calcutta is my hometown. And the place I have lived in for ages. But now I am in  Mumbai for a year. I am pretty excited and I think I am gonna like it here. I like the weather already! It is certainly better than the sticky humidity of the City of Joy. (Not very joyful right now) 

So here I am in Mumbai. The Big M. New in town. 


  1. Mumbai!What the hell are you doing there for one year???!!!!!!!Come back to Kolkata....

    1. Arre I am doing a bakery course for a year. Will come back and bake stuff for people. Want to expand my business na...

    2. Bakery course?? Ahh.. :-) So where are you staying there?You have relatives or friends there??

    3. No, Living in the college hostel. I have a cousin here. Was living with her. Will shift to my hostel tomorrow.