Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nothing to do with today

Come to think of it I don't get the idea of an after life or past lives. On one hand I am  curious about who I was in my past life. ( If I did have a past life) On the other hand I don't like the concept of being good or doing good deeds for a better after life.

My grandma talks about this a lot. "Ache karam" it's called. I would rather be doing good deeds, following my own value system and code of conduct because I WANT to and  NOT because I want to generate some good karma. 

I am interested in my past life for the sake of curiosity. (Have written about my curiosity here) I don't much care about what happens after I die. Do I peer down to see what's going on? What's the use of dying then? I think when one dies earthly stuff ceases to matter. 

Today my grandma said and I quote her.

"So many of my slippers have been stolen at the mandir. I am paying for my past misdeeds. I must have been a thief in my previous life. "

No offence meant to her but I found it  rather dumb.  Slippers get stolen because that's the law. That's how it is. How does someone's past life come in here?

If I start blaming everything that happens to me on my past life or if I keep on thinking of my future lives I'll completely lose it. How the hell will I live my (current) life then? 

It bugs me when my Grandma makes past life references. I asked her how it mattered  if most of us don't even remember our past lives. She hasn't answered yet. 


  1. :-) I find this whole 'karma' concept rather weird.It sort of devalues humans when it is claimed that a person is suffering because of his/her past misdeeds.A lot of ass-holes and bitches commit the most heinous of atrocities and get away with it,leading happy lives .But I guess people still want to believe in 'karma'.It kinda gives a sense of satisfaction to people,I guess.To believe that if a person screwed with them,they will get screwed too.By Karma.:-P

  2. Agreed. Karma is just an excuse. But it's easier for people to believe in Karma. I guess.