Monday, March 3, 2014

Momentary alchemy

It was 11.30 PM. His flight was late. The sky was foggy. He had to travel from Delhi to Guregaon.

“Pesky cab wallas” he told me. “refusing to go”
I was at my place. Staring at the text he had just sent me. And shit scared.

“Oh shucks. Take care. Tell me when you reach. “ I texted back.

And that’s when it hit me. I am in love with this guy.


Some lovestories are made in heaven, some you don’t expect to happen and they do. I fell in love when I least expected to. Is that always the case?

I am a Punjabi who lived in Kolkata. He is a Bengali who worked in Chandigarh. Despite the distance, we had a lot in common. From almost ignoring him to endless chats to now being together for almost a year; we have come a long way. I like to call it a rollercoaster ride, he calls it a walk in the park.

It’s amazing how much things change when you meet a certain person at a certain time. .. Even if that person is 1700 kms away.

Though we sort of knew each other through a common friend, it was the internet that got us closer.

On 25th June, I woke up to a text from an unknown number- “Happy B’day”

“Thanks, sorry don’t have your number saved.” I texted back.

“Guess who I am”

“Did we have a conversation about cars last night?”

“Yep.” Came the instant reply.

“Anand! What a nice surprise! How did you get my number?

“I am a genius. “

“And the most modest person I know. Come on! You gotta tell me”

“Ok wait, I am calling you up. “


2 minutes later, my phone rang.

“Hey, Happy B’day!”

“Thanks, you sound very different on the phone.”


Arre tell me...number?”

“I saw a number on your facebook business page and I was wondering if it was yours or your partner’s. You had told me the address given was yours, so I thought that most probably the number is yours. Told you I am a genius.”

“That’s so sweet of you. Thought so much just for a number. You could have asked for it.”

“Nah. What would be the fun in that? You got a surprise na?”

Ya, that I did. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”


One evening in November, we were sitting beside each other on a bench in a mall; talking; wondering whether or not we were thinking the same thing.

We both knew we had some kind of feelings for each other. Feelings we refused to give a name to. But feelings strong enough to want to be with each other. Feelings we had avoided, held back for quite some time now.

“What do you think about us?’ he asked me suddenly. Or maybe it was not sudden. Maybe I was expecting it. I didn’t know if he did, but I could hear my heartbeat

“Us as in? Relationship?” I asked. Even though I knew the answer.

“Yeah, you know…”

“I have thought about it” This time I almost whispered. “We both have na.”

“Yes, we have been avoiding this for so long.”

“Long distance” I said. I was not sure of my voice anymore.

“Yeah, long distance. I really like you, Anjee.” He said quietly. I hadn’t seen him so serious.

“But were in two different will we manage?”

“We can make it work…”

“I guess we can

“I want this, Anj”

I closed my eyes for a moment. Pushed back all my fears. I wanted this to work out.

“I want this too. What we have together is worth a shot.”


And when he finally dropped me home I asked him with a smile, “So now I am your girlfriend huh?”

He grinned and said “yes”

He leaned forward, we almost kissed but suddenly I felt too shy. 


To be continued next week. 

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