Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My mom is possibly the bride from hell

I just had a revelation My mom is Bridezilla! Yes, she is that bride from hell. Except that she's not the bride; I am the to be bride. 

She is going berserk trying to shop for me and trying to drag me to shops. Shopping for me equals to a Dementor's kiss and I hate it (Chi, Wyak, Thoo) and so my mom and me have had loads and loads of arguments lately. She is frantic about buying me clothes and I am reluctant.

Apparently. since I am getting married I need a completely new wardrobe. Usually people are excited about such a thing but I am not and she is. 

Today, in the morning she was looking at the newspaper and pointing out sale ads- we have to go here; we definitely have to try this place...! She is going nuts. Worse part is, I can't oppose her without starting a fight and these days whenever we talk we bicker. She will stay stuff like " I am doing this for you!" Which is not true; she is doing this for herself. Because mothers are supposed to give stuff to their daughters when they get married. But ofcourse I can't tell her that. 

It's pretty turbulent. All conversations centre around my marriage and shopping. Where should we shop; how many of my clothes are still left; what else can we buy AND it gets annoying. My marriage is the foremost thing in her mind but not on mine. And that's why all this chaos. That sucks, big time. 

The best thing to do is to go along with all of her plans. I am pretty tired of it and want it to be over soon.  That way we avoid any kind of fight. I had never thought I would see this side of hers! Her franticness is something I am so not used to!

I know nothing about clothes and jewelery and what kind of shit. I am really not that interested in shopping for them! 

You know what the irony is? She hates shopping too. 

P. S Check this video about moms and their constant instructions. They can do it coz they are the mom

Because I am the mom!

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