Sunday, September 16, 2012

C: Everyday life

Catastrophe. Mumbai crowds. My  friends  were standing on the platform, waiting to go to Dadar.  The train came and this man standing on the door, fell on the track. His leg got stuck. The train left the platform. And the man. He was panting, trying to free himself. Unconscious for a moment, he was literally begging for help when he came back to his senses. And then people woke up from their own sleep. To pretend to help him. Two people stepped forward to pick him up. Blood was flowing from his limbs. The man was slipping in and out of unconsciousness . And people were shouting around him. The two men carried him off the platform. 

That’s when my friends  saw. He had lost his leg. 


  1. WeirdTalkingDragon16 September, 2012

    Fuck. Is this true?!
    I am very disturbed.

    1. Ya, my friends saw this. Yes, it is disturbing.

  2. I remember telling you how much I hated this post... It still stands that way... Honestly, I didnt even read it today...